Mar 01, 2024

Rikkyo-UNPAD (Indonesia) International Seminar 2024 Winter


Rikkyo University's MPMA recently hosted the 12th Joint International Seminar with Padjadjaran University's Management Faculty (MM-UNPAD) from January 22 to 26. The seminar welcomed 34 students from MM-UNPAD, fostering a vibrant exchange of knowledge.

Led by MPMA professors, the program covered key Japanese topics, such as the historical role of the samurai government, local government functions, and contemporary human resource management practices, and included a visit to the Tokyo Stock Exchange, which provided a first-hand look at Japan's global financial importance. The academic exchange extended to research proposals presented by the UNPAD students, who received valuable feedback from the MPMA professors, sparking constructive discussions and enhancing their understanding of research methodologies. The seminar concluded with a celebratory closing reception to commemorate the successful academic endeavor and strengthen the bond among the participants.

This event marks a promising beginning for future joint initiatives that will enhance the academic experiences of students and faculty from both Rikkyo University and Padjadjaran University, Indonesia.

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