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The MPMA Course has experienced faculty members who are very much enthusiastic about teaching and guiding our students. Here is a list of MPMA faculty members.

Archive of past MA Thesis (title)

・Frontier Analysis of Vietnamese Electronic Manufacturing Firms: Using Bootstrap Data Envelopment Analysis Model

・Asymmetric Responses of Stock Prices to Oil Prices in Vietnam: Any Difference between Energy-Demanding and Energy-Supplying Sectors?

・Understanding Residents Attitudes Toward Public Works Projects in Vietnam: Case Study of the National Road Project in Hanoi

・Citizen’s Service Satisfaction, Regional, Affiliation, Interpersonal Trust and Trust in Government in the Republic of Benin

・A non-parametric bootstrap data envelopment analysis for Nepalese agricultural farming households

・Trade Openness and Government Revenue Diversification: Some Evidence From Resource-Dependent Countries

・Open Burning Behavior at Household Level in Indonesia

・Forest Fire in Indonesia 2015-2018

・Electricity-Saving Behaviors of Household in Indonesia

・Export Behavior and Firm Productivity in Micro and Small Manufacturing Firms in Indonesia: Limited Dependent Model Approaches

・Does Mayor’s Previous Career Matter?

・Analysis of Household Poverty Status in Riau Island Province

・Examining the gateway hypothesis of drug use and individual characteristics: The case of Indonesia

・Household Head Education Attainment And The Urban–Rural Expenditure Inequalities in Jokowi’s First Term

・Does Damage from Natural Disaster Affect Child Labor? Evidence from Indonesia
・The Effect of Intergroup Contact on Indigenous People’s Perception of Transmigrans-: Case Study of West Kalimantan Province of Indonesia

・The Impact of Micro Finance Initiatives on Gender Relations- A Case of the Copper belt Province in Zambia

・Explaining Voting Patterns in Zambia’s 2016 Presidential Elections

・Asymmetric Pass- Through of Fuel Price to Food Price: The Case of Nepal Foreign Aid and Foreign direct Investment: Evidence from Panel Analysis

・Renewable Energy Consumption in Emerging Countries and Developed Countries: A Panel Cointegration Analysis

・Spatial Dimensions of Economic Growth, Redistribution, and Poverty Reduction during the Yudhoyono Period in Indonesia

・Targeting and the Impact of National Health Insurance Program in Indonesia

・Do Negotiations Lead to Price Decline in Government Procurement? The Effect of Frequency of Negotiations between Buyers and Sellers on the Transacted Price of Vehicles in Public Sector in Indonesia

・Why Non Poor Households Have Received Conditional Cash Transfer: An Analysis Based on 2013, 2014 and 2017 SUSENAS.

・The Effect of Ethnic Diversity on Expenditure Inequality in Indonesia

・Explaining Indonesia E-Participation Variation and How to Improve it

・Inequality and Political Trust in Indonesia Technical Efficiency Analysis of Indonesian Small and Micro Industries: A stochastic Frontier Approach

・Spatial Distribution of the Household Expenditure of Fuel Transportation Product in North Sumatera Province

・Does Female Politician Affect Policy Outcomes in Indonesia?

・Demand Analysis for Fish in Indonesia
・Panel Data Analysis of Economic Growth and Foreign Direct Investment Policy Implication for Nepal

・Efficiency Analysis of Dairy Product Sector in Nepal

・The Impact of Road, Electricity, and Water Infrastructure on Regional Economic Development in Indonesia: A Dynamic Panel Data Analysis

・Measuring the Effectiveness of Forest Moratorium Policy in Reducing Deforestation and Its Impact on the Palm Oil Industry

・Exploring Factors Determining the Inbound Tourism Demand in Indonesia: Panel Data Approach

・Poverty, Inequality, and Economic Growth across Districts in Sulawesi Island, Indonesia

・Exploring the Effect of Municipality-Level Government Proliferation on Public Services in Indonesia by Difference-In-Differences Analysis

・The Impact of Urbanization and Industrialization on Carbon Dioxide Emissions: A Case Study In The G20 Countries

・Measurement of Relative Rice Farming Efficiency in Bangka Belitung Provinces Compared To 4 Other Provinces in Indonesia

・Analysis of Income Disparity with Spatial Autocorrelation in Kalimantan Provinces: An Empirical Study of 56 Districts, 2010-2016

・Measuring the Input-Output Efficiency in Indonesian Commercial Banks Using Data Envelopment Analysis
・Exploring the factors of health expenditure inequality in Indonesia: An inequality decomposition analysis

・Assessing role and investment impact of construction sector on the economy of Indonesia (Input-output analysis)

・Real effective exchange rate and trade integration: The case of Indonesia during the 2008’s pre- and post-crisis periods

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Promoting research is one of Rikkyo’s social missions. Through the vitalization of daily research activities in both qualitative and quantitative terms, the university contributes to raising the level of academic research and promotes measures to pass on the results of research both inside and outside the university.