Students / Alumni

REZA TIAR KUSUMA (Class of 2017)
Studying in Rikkyo University is such a fantastic experience for me, since this is my first time studying abroad. I found studying at Rikkyo enjoyable and cozy. All staffs and teachers, especially in MPMA Course, are kind and helpful; they will kindly help you whenever you have questions or something that are bothering you. If you are Muslim, you don't need to worry. Rikkyo provides us a prayer room. The MPMA Study Rooms provide PCs with Stata and Gauss to support our study. Four on-campus canteens and nearby convenience stores make our life easier too.
There we were, all 3 of us, from Africa- JICA sponsored. Every bit as lost and scared walking through the gates of Rikkyo University as vivid and real as the picture on internet. An amazingly beautiful place, so immaculate and organized. Hardly had we concluded pondering where to go than a heartful lady walked towards us asking if we needed help. Right on! Surprisingly, that is how systematic the university system itself is. Everything from orientation, registration, facilities and class is that organized and planned. No surprises at all, course outlines, expectations and lectures are delivered as advertised. Warm, helpful and accommodating staff all the way, surrounded by staff to help and guide you through. My campus environment and life has been so motivating. It flows right into class and helps me network and learn from both colleagues and the institution. My student life has never been better with an astounding library linked to internet systems that would have one access more than they could ever read, that is Rikkyo University, an academic world of excellence.
I am very grateful to be part of Rikkyo University. Rikkyo University offers beauty, hospitality, and convenience in one package. For example, Rikkyo University offers very interesting events especially for international students, such as field trips, sumo shows and so on, and it brings us the great opportunity to get acquainted with other international students. The facilities are very good, modern and well-equipped, such as libraries, study rooms, health facilities, classrooms, gyms, canteens, and also a prayer room. The staffs are so friendly and attentive for student's needs, and everything from registration to lectures is carried out very systematically and well organized. Furthermore, the campus is located in the Ikebukuro area which is part of downtown Tokyo, so it’s easy to access other public facilities in Tokyo. As a student, I couldn't expect better than this. The experience that I got at Rikkyo University is the best experience I have ever had so far.
AJI WITRI MUKTI (Class of 2019)
I always dream to study in Japan. Studying at Rikkyo University made my dream come true. Rikkyo University such a beautiful place to study supported with the high technology facilities, such as a huge and well-organized library, a comfortable study room equipped with PC’s, four cozy canteens, professional sports facilities and the most important for me as a Moslem a prayer room. This campus creates a conducive environment to fulfill my need as a student with a kind and helpful teacher and staff. Moreover, the staff will guide and help you with thoughtful service. Our teachers are the experts in their field study, especially in the MPMA program. The course not only conducting an indoor class but also in outdoor by field trip program from the course or campus. Rikkyo University satisfies my expectation about the ideal campus to learn. I am proud to be a part of Rikkyo University.
PHAN THUY DUONG (Class of 2020)
Rikkyo University had become my dream since I asked for the scholarship in Japan because of its beauty and history. And on the day, I have gone through the curve gate of the main building, I know that I can touch my dream. This is such a convenient and fancy university with great people. My Professor is nice and willing to help me once I have the questions. Staffs from MPMA have good looking and always feedback your request with their smile. I like the huge library best with fantastic corners that serve for all your needs from separation to gathering such as CD rooms, teamwork rooms, workshop space or even relax chairs for napping… Rikkyo is fabulous in all seasons of the year, especially in Sakura and Fall. I am sure that you can spend several hours on the campus and collect hundreds of photos.
This is not only an academic environment but the place where you enjoy your life.