Admissions / Visa

※For those who would like to apply for the MPMA course,
We strongly recommend to watch the Course Guidance Video before your application, which can help to bridge the gap between your research plan and the offered program and to build up the image of studying at Rikkyo University.

Admissions for 2024 Fall Semester

Admission and Examination Guide
Those who would like to apply for the MPMA course should read the guidebook carefully in advance of the application.
Online Application System
Those who would like to apply for the MPMA course should begin the application with registering on the Online Application System.

※Details and the link to access the system will be posted later.
Once released, please find the instructions on how to apply on the Online Application System and follow it carefully.
Application forms


Visa Application
Rikkyo will help the successful applicants to get a student visa through Proxy visa application procedures.
(If you have an agent who was appointed by your sponsoring organization to help you get a student visa, please follow the instructions given to you by the agent.)
In the Proxy Application, you are requested to follow the steps shown below:
  • You must submit the required documents to Rikko. Such required documents include an Application form for Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) for a student visa, photos, financial statement from your bank etc.

  • Rikkyo submits your applicaton form for CoE to the Immigration Office in Tokyo

  • As soon as Rikkyo receives your CoE approved by the Immigration Office, Rikkyo will send the CoE to you

  • Upon receiving the CoE from Rikkyo, you must take the CoE to the nearest Japanese Embassy or Consulate to apply for a student visa. You are strongly recommended to contact the Embassy or Consulate in advance to find out what other documents besides your passport are required.

Your CoE is valid for 3 months after the date issued.
Detailed information will be provided to those students who have successfully passed the admission screening.

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