Tuition and Scholarship

Scholarship and Reduction

Graduate School Scholarship

The aim of this scholarship is to encourage graduate students in thier studies and research activities and to help the development of excellenct researchers in various fields and professionals with advanced expertise.

・Applicants' financial situation will not be asked in the screening.
・Government-sponsored international students or those who are exempt from the tuition fee of Rikkyo University cannot apply.

【Amount of Scholarship】
300,000 yen per year


Tuition Reduction

Rikkyo University provides the system of tuition reduction which is targeting private international students who have a resident status of “study abroad” and have a financial difficulties.

・Based on the submitted documents International Office confirms the status of residence as “Study Abroad”, and after reviewing the economic situation the office determines whether it is applicable. Therefore, if you do not complete the application process, you would be ineligible for having fee reduction.
・The system details and reduction rate may be changed annually.

International Office
Ikebukuro Campus ℡ : 03-3985-4803
Monthly Living Expenses
*Rikkyo dormitory and Rikkyo apartments are partially furnished. Off-campus apartments may or may not be furnished and may require Security Deposit and/or Key Money. Security Deposit will usually be returned to you later while Key Money, one-time sum paid to the landlord, will not be returned to you. Details will be explained to those applicable.