Jun 10, 2024

【Student's Achievement】
Chosen as a Representative Presenter at JICA Networking Seminar


Our MPMA fellow, JOCEL LIBUTAN MAGISTRADO (class of 2024, The Philippines) was chosen as a representative presenter at the JICA Networking Seminar, which was designed to help JICA scholarship recipients understand the roles expected of JICA scholars, set goals for their post-return period considering their study duration, and establish networks among fellow JICA scholars as well as with JICA itself.
(class of 2024, The Philippines)

【MPMA: Where Your Academic Journey Soars and Your Future Takes Flight!】

A defining moment in my professional journey unfolded unexpectedly when I emerged as the chosen representative among more than 900 scholars under the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) from diverse regions like America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. This remarkable opportunity granted me the privilege of presenting my research study and receiving feedback from the esteemed Japanese economist, Mr. Tanaka, who serves as the President of JICA.
Earning the nomination to speak at the JICA Scholars Networking seminar owes much to the valuable insights gained through my participation in the Rikkyo MPMA program. The university's academic freedom and diverse environment provided the ideal backdrop to expand my horizons and optimize my academic pursuits. Interacting with esteemed professors played a pivotal role, as they not only fostered my critical thinking skills but also guided me to discover exceptional resources relevant to the subjects I am actively engaged in.
The experience of representing not only Rikkyo University but also my home country, the Philippines and the government institution I am working for, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) on an international stage was profoundly impactful. The genuine interest in my research, which focused on the pivotal shift towards prioritizing Human Resources alongside technological advancements, was both gratifying and unforeseen. I am thankful that my study on Work-Life Integration Strategies was chosen for discussion. Special thanks to my advisor, Kyohei Yamada Sensei, for his unwavering guidance and support since the inception of my research work. Similarly, Mitsuhiko Kataoka Sensei deserves acknowledgment for his generous feedback and suggestions that contributed to positive comments during my research presentation.
The engaging interaction with my MPMA classmates significantly enhanced my academic learning. Being surrounded by such intelligent individuals has propelled my thinking growth immensely. The support from my fellow scholars transcended mere encouragement; it was truly invigorating. After my presentation, their palpable enthusiasm transformed our interaction. Their keen interest and active engagement have filled me with sincere gratitude for the chance to share my voice on this global platform.

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