Feb 15, 2019

Field Trip in 2019 Winter


The field trip for M2 students was held in January. 17students from Indonesia, Nepal, and Zambia, visited Echigo Yuzawa, Niigata Prefecture, which is the northern part of Japan, and famous for heavy snow.
On the first day, we visited the historical temple “Untoji" to learn the culture and history of Japan. After that, we stopped at the "Michi no Eki", roadside store, which the rest house is located in the open roads equipped with parking lots, restrooms, restaurants and souvenir shops selling local products, and run by local government. We learned the roles of local government in Japan there.
Also, students had fun with Kamakura, “Japanese igloo” in the rest house.
On the second day, students experienced skiing as a cultural exchange. They really enjoy touching snow and skiing.

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