Sep 03, 2019

Field Trip in 2019 Summer


M2 students who are from Indonesia, Nepal and Zambia had a field trip to Kurobe Gorge, Toyama prefecture.
On the first day, we arrived at Unazuki-onsen and took a free bus to look around Unazuki and learned a quick tips of its history from the bus driver.
On the second day, we joined the tour to go through Kurobe Gorge. First, we rode on the Torokko Electric Railway which took us to Keyakidaira Station, and explored the facility of Kansai Electric Power. We could look around the tunnel and went up 200m higher by a huge shaft elevator which has been operated since Showa era, 1939. Students enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Kurobe Gorge and learned the constructional history of electric infrastructure in Japan.

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