Jul 02, 2020

To All Current and Prospective Students


The Graduate School of Business of the College of Business at Rikkyo University has made the following determinations regarding courses for semester two of academic year 2020:

1.In order to ensure the safety of students, faculty and staff during the ongoing pandemic all courses will be held online. This means that all courses will be taught in a manner that enables students to participate remotely. Some courses may be instructed using a combination of on-demand, online and face to face group work teaching methods, however, students will be assured of the option to participate online in all official course activities for the duration of the semester.

2.The MIB/MPMA degree courses require students to reside in Tokyo during their enrollment in the program. However, students who are unable to enter Japan by September 14th, 2020 will be allowed to commence (or recommence) their enrollment, register for courses and take classes while outside of Japan. Students will, however, be required to commence their residence in Tokyo as soon as possible after travel restrictions between their location overseas and Japan have been lifted.

3.Rikkyo University will continue to sponsor and support students in their applications for student visas for students seeking entry to Japan after the commencement of second semester.

Students and prospective students are asked to contact the course administrative coordinator as soon as possible if they feel they may not be able to arrive in Tokyo before September 14th, 2020.

Students are invited to contact the school regarding these points and any other concerns they may have regarding the program, travel to and residence in Tokyo.

The Director
Graduate School of Business
College of Business
Rikkyo University
Tokyo, Japan

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